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What Makes a Champion?

titleWhat Makes a Champion?

Jim & Inna Pollak and Shelli

Do you ever wonder what is different in the type of person that turns into an Olympic champion than the other 99.9% of the population?

 What makes that person different from the rest of us?  What drives them, what moves them, inspires them and grooves them?

 Yes, Champions have a quiet sense of strength and courage that is not found in much of the population.  An Olympic Champion stands with pride and behaves with humility.

 The story here is that Olympians are a special breed of Champion.  Their breed demands dedication, laser targeted precision focus, commitment and an absolute love for what they do.  Just to be a part of the games is a total and complete honor.

 Imagine, training around jobs, family and schooling with no big government support.  Living on a string with the focus of a champion, that is why it is so remarkable that the USA always has such a strong showing in the medal count and has suddenly surfaced as a front runner in the winter Olympic medals now.

 I have the pleasure of calling an Olympian a friend and that friend was kind enough to let me interview him on a quick ride to the airport after spending the weekend in a work shop.

 What intrigued me was his story.  I had always wondered how and when someone would realize that they wanted to be an Olympian.  After talking to Jim I suddenly realized that everyone had their own story and that story was different for each and every person.

 I have posted our brief interview below, take a peek and enjoy.

So now after watching the video I’m sure you realize that it just comes down to one simple thing.  One thing that will assure that you will achieve your goals.  Imagine just making one decision and suddenly your story has changed in a kind of way that you would have never guessed.  Just a decision and the determination to see it through.  That’s all it takes.

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2 Responses to “What Makes a Champion?”

  1. Good Job my friends, I never knew you guys knew him, I didn’t even know him! Love the post!!

    On the Mountain Top!

    John & Kimberly

  2. admin says:

    Happy you liked the post. Met Jim and his lovely wife last weekend at Break Through, they are such nice people, from Colorado, I will be seeing them again in September in San Francisco and plan on catching some more footage.
    Talk to you guys soon!

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