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Google boots the “scumbag” Marketers

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titleGoogle boots the scumbag Marketers

Vultures are Circling

What is This?

 That’s what I sat there and asked myself as I looked at my computer screen.

 I can almost understand where Google is coming from at this moment.

 A moment ago I thought that Google was, well I can’t repeat that part of my conversation, but now I am starting to understand the kind of scum they kicked off their sight.

 This is not only a small “venting” it is a warning for everyone out there on the Internet.

 Have you been noticing lately a huge shift towards social media in the marketing world and let’s face it, everyone knows why.  It’s because Google has put a stop to the “scum-bag” marketing ploys that are (or should I say were) found there.

 In essence they cracked down on anyone marketing anything good or bad on the Internet and really just started enforcing the rules that were in place all along.  The government helped that with the FTC swooping in to “oversee” things.

 I can imagine that revenue must be down at Google as they slap and suspend some very lucrative marketers.

 Looking in the other direction, the people that were being very lucrative have their income stripped down so they go on the “prowl” to fine avenues to get the word out and social media is like a baby bird in the nest

 Advertising is pretty tight on the sights but really anyone can post anything they want and that is when things become shaky.

 What happens when it gets scummy? Some of these so called marketers were in reality just “schemers” looking for easy prey.

 They have found ways to get to your friends and it isn’t in a very social way.

When you have a sight called Face Book you would think you have friends there.   You need to be careful who you consider a friend even on face book.

 I will be checking out the friend requests coming through more carefully in the future after experiencing someone “friending” me and then friending my friends.

 This person watched and listened and actually participated in conversations with me, decided which friends they would target in those conversations.

 Then that person blocked me so that I couldn’t see them marketing my friends, arranging phone calls and prospecting them with things they learned through our conversations.

We are marketers as well,  however we seldom market on our social sights except to give information that we want to share.  We are not against telling someone what we do and getting them involved if they are interested, we wouldn’t be very good business people if we didn’t do that.

So you see, everyone is NOT your friend and nor should you think they are.  Be watchful because the scum is coming to the surface in different places and you never know where that might be.

I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before they get the pay per click figured out and start to market that way.  With the baby birds still in the nest back at face book, it makes for an easy meal so I really don’t think they will go away any time soon.

I guess the old saying goes, “one bad apple spoiled it for everyone” so hopefully the good guys will get it figured out too because there is a lot of good and the Internet can be a benefit but not when the “spammy-scammers” are on the prowl.

Word to the wise, check out the info page of any friend requests you get and if there is anything there you don’t like, then it looks like you can’t be friends.

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