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How to Gain Wisdom and Success

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titleHow to Gain Wisdom and Success

Seek Wisdom

In order to have the life you want it is necessary to seek wisdom and knowledge. Without these then there is no growth can be attained.

Wisdom does not come in the form of  the evening news. Wisdom comes from the ability to watch, listen and experience and to take note of each sensory. The media outlets thrive on negative junk that is not necessarily true.

Reading and listening to books and recordings that will bring about positive change in your life and help you to understand other people that is really the only way to truely be informed of our surrounding environment.   This is the wisdom that will make your life fulfilling and worth living.

Making decisions and moving forward. You can not change the past but you can sure improve your future by making a decision to change.

Select your friends with care, you are who your friends are. Their opinions and habits are shared with you. Look around, if your friends are  making poor decisions, that will reflect on you because of your association with that person.

Choose to associate with people who you admire and respect. If you hang with a Duck you will be destined to always be looking for a hand out. If you hang with eagles you will learn to soar.

 You can only draw conclusions from your own experience if you don’t counsil with others, when you counsel with the wise you will include their experience and that could open up a whole new world to you.

If you are the smartest and most fit person in your group of peers, then you need to add some people that are “better” than you, more fit, wealthier, etc. because these are the people that will make you reach higher and want to do more in life.  That you will want to emulate and they have oppinions that matter.

Be wise and serve others, then you will realize a satisfaction that can’t be described. People who serve are popular and are wealthy beyond our monetary standards. As you serve others, their wisdom will be shared with you. The person that serves the most grows the fastest and learns the most.

Develop a servants heart and do not be distressed when you need help and you are alone, but be thankful when you can help. Give a helping hand with no expectations of ever receiving anything in return.

Have a servants heart

Seek counsel of the wise

Choose your friends carefully

Just by doing these three simple things and making a decision to change you can transform your life into a life you could only dream of.

In times of distress life just seems like it is going to be a very long ride. Seeking change and transforming the way you think will cause you to consider that maybe  times-a-wasting and life is too short. We only have so much time and wasting one minute of it is a dirty shame. Our clocks start ticking the moment we are born.


Have you Learned or do you Understand How to be Successful

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titleHave you Learned or do you Understand How to be Successful

Books teach, You Learn

Every year there are more and more people getting educated, going to schools of higher learning.  Getting degrees and going out into life.

 They are in school to learn and learn they do but you really need to wonder how much is really understood.

 You see there is a difference between learning and understanding.

 If there were more understanding there would be less poverty and abuse.  There would be less hatred and racism.  People would accept peoples differences if there was more understanding.

Instead we have more learning and that seems to be a bit of a problem.  People are learning these principals in schools but they really don’t have any understanding of the big picture and how their piece fits in.

 That leads to people “jockeying” for position, back biting and just basically clawing their way through life.  Living in their ego and struggling with relationships, finances and their health.  They have learned many things but maybe have not applied them the right way and that comes right back down to a lack of understanding

 When there is learning without understanding and applying then half of what you learn goes right out the window.

 When you learn and apply you start to create an understanding of why you are doing what you are doing, then you have a deeper understanding that you can never forget or misplace in a foggy brain.

 Understanding makes something intrinsic into our thinking; it becomes a principle to live by.  Understanding life, other people, and the universe will just be a part of you.

 It is important to learn new things, that’s what keeps life worth living but it is absolutely imperative that we understand what we learn or we may not apply it in the manner that it is intended.

 Seeking understanding will make your life an event that will be exciting and fulfilling.

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A Master Marketer

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titleA Master Marketer

A Master Marketer

   No, I am not insane, let me explain. 

The other day I took off in Gordon’s truck and the furry girl wanted to come.  I was running various errands around town, usually she is with Gordon in the truck running errands but that day it was just the girls.

The first thing I noticed was that we were going to need some gas so I stopped at the gas station.  At the moment I pulled up to the pump Lil’ started poking me with her cold wet nose.  I knew she wanted something so I looked back at her.  She didn’t say a word but she didn’t have any problem letting me know she wanted the back window down.

The attendant came over to pump my gas and she sat there so pretty waiting to be noticed, at full attention with the tip of her tail giving a little wag.  I was watching her “marketing technique” and thought she was crazy, but then I had no idea at this point that she had friends all over town.

She wasn’t getting the attention she wanted so she gave a little yelp.  the person pumping the gas knew her name and gave her the treat she was marketing for.  She quickly ate the treat, I couldn’t believe what happened next, she was actually trying to convince her friend that she needed another treat.  I assured him that wasn’t true and no more treats were necessary.

That chore being done we headed off to the bank.  I pulled up to the drive thru and again was being poked by the wet cold nose, by this time I knew the drill.  I rolled down the back window and she started her marketing once again.

Her eyes had the sweetest, softest look and she was batting her 3 inch eye lashes at her friend, her mouth was open just enough to see her soft pink tongue and her bottom lip was pulled down so you could see her teeth (that’s how she smiles).

Once again I found that she had a friend that knew her by name and knew what she wanted and sent a treat out to her that she devoured (I was happy this treat was smaller than at the gas station).

We were off again to finish up our errands and on the way home, I decided to stop and get a coffee, you guessed it the drive thru window.

Once again, the nose pokes, the window rolled down, sweet look on her face, full attention, little tail wag and sure enough here came the treat.

Lesson learned!  I had my marketing lesson for the day from a place that I wouldn’t have imagined.  This is what I learned.

Never once did Lilee think that she was NOT going to get a treat.

She used her most winning personality and put a smile on her face.

She gave these people what they were looking for, a cute happy face and she made them smile. She provided a service and she was rewarded in return.

She used the same technique each time, just adjusting slightly depending on who she was marketing to.  I also notice that the only person she gave a yelp to was a male.  She never did make a sound when she was marketing to women and yet she got the same results.

Not only did I get my errands done that day, I learned a valuable lesson in it’s simplest form and this is how I interpreted the lessons into human form.

Have a positive attitude

Have a happy disposition and a smile

provide a service

Ask for what you want

stick to the system that works for you.

Make slight adjustments depending on who you are marketing

Just six little things that you have the power to achieve could make you a Master Marketer too, just like Lil’.

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Who do you learn your Marketing techniques from?

I would love to hear your comments.

`This is the face of a Master Marketer.

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