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The Possibilities of a Home Based Business

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Remember What we Think about We Bring About.  The person with positive thinking will ALWAYS get more done because things will happen easier while they focus on the possibilities. It’s all in your frame of mind and it is a choice that all of us make.  We all need to understand that mind set really does matter.

Possibilities are what makes things happen, if things were impossible why would anyone try?  It is in our nature to learn and grow, to seek knowledge and the truth,  possibilities are what keep us going and growing.  Possibilities of learning things as yet unknown and the excitement and satisfaction that might bring.

The possibility of being enriched beyond our wildest imagination or the possibility of finding a cure for cancer.  That in which we all strive and reach for, to get to the pinnacle of OUR universe and all of the possibilities that would open from that point.

I think of all of the possibilities fashioned as a flower, as one possibility becomes a reality that reality actually opens up more possibilites like the delecate petals that unfurl as we watch a blossom open to the sun.

titleThe Possibilities of a Home Based Business



Are You Sinking Or Swimming in your Home Based Business

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titleAre You Sinking Or Swimming in your Home Based BusinessFor many of us, life seems to be a constant battle.  It seems to be one thing or the other.  It seems we just get out of the deep water and then it’s right back up to our necks again with no life guard in sight.

We all need to focus on what causes the water to rise so quickly?.  What is at the root of the cycle swimming to drowning?  Why is it that we get in above our heads?

 Choices are at the heart of the matter.  Whether they are your choices or ones that someone else has made that affect you it really makes no difference because you are the one trying to tread water.

 So are you busy putting out someone else’s fire?  Maybe one of the kids got into some trouble or the parents aren’t good at handling their finances.  There is a possibility that one of your friends need some help, or maybe the poor decision came from you. 

 What ever it is that has brought you to this point, you have arrived on a wave of a choice.  The wave of choice washes over you and you feel compelled to ride it all the way to the end.

 Many times you find your self riding the same wave again and again, time after time and it feels like you have been here before, that’s because you have.  It may seem a little different, but in reality it is the same path re-visited.

 So how do we break free of the cycle?

 Determination to break the cycle 

 Recognition that you are heading down the same path

 Commitment to your self and the change you want to occur

 Be open to the endless possibilities and new choices

 Review the choices that haven’t led to the destination you desire and think of ways that you could have made different choices.  In the future remember these different choices and take a different path, things will turn out different with different decisions.

 Remember that nobody has your best interest in mind but you,  you know intrinsically what is best for your life.  Always make decisions that are in your best interest, don’t let guilt, shame, disappointment or someone else’s opinion change your decision.

 It doesn’t have to be right with anyone else but it does have to be right with you.

 You might be thinking that it sounds like you make choices with only you in mind but that is not the point.  Yes, your decisions are going to be what is right in your life but it is not meant to harm any other person in any way.  What your decisions will do is make life better for your self.  It will also set an example of how to move forward in life, make good choices and help others down the path of good decision making. 

 You will teach others to swim because in life there are no life guards.

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