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You Are in The Posssession Of The Greatest Gift.

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titleYou Are in The Posssession Of The Greatest Gift.

You posesss the greatest Gift

The greatest gift bestowed upon mankind is in your possession.  You may think that it is freedom.  You may even think that it is the gift of knowledge.  You would be wrong with both of those gifts and I do not mean to minimize their importance.

 The greatest gift given to mankind is the freedom of Choice as it leads to many other gifts.  When you make a choice to gain knowledge it is a choice that you have made.    The freedom of choice is the beginning, and most of all the gifts you will receive in your life will result from the freedom we have to make a choice.

What type of choices are you making in your life?  Choices that will move you forward or keep you in the place of mediocrity.

 Do you know the outcome you desire for your life?  Do you hold fast to your dreams?  Do you stay on task?  Do you Quit?

 You see these are all choices that we make each day.  I say yes, yes, and yes but no I will never quit. 

 Are you like “most people” that quit when the going gets rough or when exhaustion sets in?  Make a choice today to see exhaustion as a precursor to victory and when the road gets rough it gives you a challenge to see if you can smooth it out and find a way around the “ruts”.

 Average people compare them self with other people, that is why they are just average.  To raise above mediocrity and be above average you need to compare your self to YOUR potential.  ARE YOU LIVING UP TO THE POTENTIAL YOU KNOW YOU HAVE?

 Life some times it beats us up and tries to beat us down, there are lots of cuts and bruises along the way but as long as you have a vision of what you want to achieve and you stay on course and remain dedicated to your own success there will be nothing that can stop you.

 Be relentless and persist without exception, focus on the results and know your dream.

 If you think it is necessary to enjoy the process, you are wrong.  It will exhaust you, frustrate you, and anger you.  The only thing that is necessary is that you continue the process with your eyes on the outcome.  You will be happy you did.

From this day forward, claim a faith in the certainty of your future.  There has been to much time doubting your beliefs and believing your doubts.  Use faith as your guide because faith has no limits where reasoning can only go so far.

 Believe in the future you cannot see.  That is called faith.  And the reward for your faith is to see the future that you believed.  Expect miracles in your life because that is what faith produces every day.

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