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Gaining Information for your Business Today

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How well informed are you on the Economy? What are the sources of
Information that you turn to in order To be informed?

Our education here is in terrible shape and there is a reason for that.
It doesn’t look to be getting any better

When you reveal your information source you may say the newspaper or the Evening news and you aren’t alone. It is easily digested and predictably Watered down.

Although we enjoy freedom of the Press in our constitution what does
That really mean?

The press has the freedom to print what they see fit, however many outlets have Much to loose if they say too much and that is how many of us come about getting much of our information.

It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to Figure out that we don’t hear the
Entire truth of what is happening in the Economy by the media.

Even George Carlin can see what is going on and he is brave enough to
State the facts the way he sees them and how many others see the facts as well.

Check him out.
Disclaimer: George sometimes uses foul language to get his point across and he does so in this video. I don’t want to offend anyone so please skip the video if there are young kids or if you would be offended.

We have been in search of the truth and we believe that is what we have
Received and it hasn’t been from traditional media and information

We have received our information from experts that are not tied to the media outlets.  Experts that are sharing their information in hopes that some of us will be spared the economic crisis that is forthcoming.

You see, now is the time to make your decision. You may decide to just “ride this bad economy out” and see where it takes you.

If you are anything like us you have made the decision to be in the drivers seat and be a part of the well informed people that will have tremendous wealth transferred TO them rather than AWAY from them.

We will not settle for the information that is being spouted out by the media, we dig deeper and you can too.

We all Deserve the hear the truth, You deserve to know how to protect what you have now and how to build on that in the Future.

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Finding the right sources for the information that you gather is imperative to your future. 

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Until next time, Here is to your Health and Success.


The Possibilities of a Home Based Business

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Remember What we Think about We Bring About.  The person with positive thinking will ALWAYS get more done because things will happen easier while they focus on the possibilities. It’s all in your frame of mind and it is a choice that all of us make.  We all need to understand that mind set really does matter.

Possibilities are what makes things happen, if things were impossible why would anyone try?  It is in our nature to learn and grow, to seek knowledge and the truth,  possibilities are what keep us going and growing.  Possibilities of learning things as yet unknown and the excitement and satisfaction that might bring.

The possibility of being enriched beyond our wildest imagination or the possibility of finding a cure for cancer.  That in which we all strive and reach for, to get to the pinnacle of OUR universe and all of the possibilities that would open from that point.

I think of all of the possibilities fashioned as a flower, as one possibility becomes a reality that reality actually opens up more possibilites like the delecate petals that unfurl as we watch a blossom open to the sun.

titleThe Possibilities of a Home Based Business



Who’s Watching Your Back inYour Business?

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titleWhos Watching Your Back inYour Business?

You Have to be a fighter

We all seem to be getting used to the bad economy we are experiencing, we like comparing our self to others that aren’t doing as well as we are, when in reality we aren’t much better.  Why this comparison should make anyone feel better about their own circumstances is really beyond me.

The states are all attempting to balance their budget and they are coming up with new tactics to raise funds.

Have you talked to anyone lately who has been pulled over and not ticketed? I sure haven’t, in fact the cops right now are looking for infractions to site the public on.  They pull you over for one thing and add on what ever they can before they let you go.

I recently noticed that speed limits signs had been changed near our home, they must have changed them in the middle of the night because it was that quick.  Along with the change in the speed came the radar patrol to catch the people doing the speed they have gone since there was speed limits.  No warnings, just citations.

Is this what our local governments have planned to raise funds?

It’s already bad enough that they want to eliminate physical education completely from our schools, every fee has increased at local government levels.  We used to be builders and in one year the permit for a single family home went from $14,000 to $23,000 and the government is hollering for affordable housing when it is the very government that is making housing un-affordable, not that it really matters because in the month of May new home purchases plunged 33%  to an all time low.

That’s how it goes in the big city.

I was interested to open a news paper for a small town in Central Oregon and find all sorts of ways that the city is trying to help the residents that have been hit pretty severely by the recession, They have been hit so hard that people are moving away.  The city is forgiving parking tickets (with certain criteria)  and they are actually LOWERING fees.

I realize it is small but it is a start.  Our local governments will have to realize you can’t squeeze blood from a turnup.  People are stretched to their limits right now and many are to the point of breakingWe keep hearing that the economy is improving but the hard cold facts are that it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Many people are suffering and now it seems that many of them will be receiving their last unemployment check, so what is next for them?

We asked that question several years ago and there were no easy answers.  The words that kept coming to us were re-invent yourself, or undergo transformation and that was all very sound advise but with no direction.

It doesn’t take very long for a person to realize that we have the choice to go in the direction that we want, it is selecting the direction that can be difficult. To find out about our greatest gift, Freedom of Choice click on the link.

Where do you see yourself in five years?  What do you want to be doing and how are you going to get to that point? These are the questions that will help you with your direction.

That is where the work begins.

Since our transformation we have found that in order to get what you want you need to put in the work, there is no other way, no short cuts but in the end the rewards are greater than what you set out to get. 

What that means is that we set our goals and where we wanted to be and because we were willing to work hard, step out of our comfort zone and give up a few things we were able to accomplish so much more and go beyond the goals we had set and this is possible for anyone to do.

With the right leaders to show you the way, you can achieve your goals if you are determined to never stop until you achieve them.

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You Are in The Posssession Of The Greatest Gift.

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titleYou Are in The Posssession Of The Greatest Gift.

You posesss the greatest Gift

The greatest gift bestowed upon mankind is in your possession.  You may think that it is freedom.  You may even think that it is the gift of knowledge.  You would be wrong with both of those gifts and I do not mean to minimize their importance.

 The greatest gift given to mankind is the freedom of Choice as it leads to many other gifts.  When you make a choice to gain knowledge it is a choice that you have made.    The freedom of choice is the beginning, and most of all the gifts you will receive in your life will result from the freedom we have to make a choice.

What type of choices are you making in your life?  Choices that will move you forward or keep you in the place of mediocrity.

 Do you know the outcome you desire for your life?  Do you hold fast to your dreams?  Do you stay on task?  Do you Quit?

 You see these are all choices that we make each day.  I say yes, yes, and yes but no I will never quit. 

 Are you like “most people” that quit when the going gets rough or when exhaustion sets in?  Make a choice today to see exhaustion as a precursor to victory and when the road gets rough it gives you a challenge to see if you can smooth it out and find a way around the “ruts”.

 Average people compare them self with other people, that is why they are just average.  To raise above mediocrity and be above average you need to compare your self to YOUR potential.  ARE YOU LIVING UP TO THE POTENTIAL YOU KNOW YOU HAVE?

 Life some times it beats us up and tries to beat us down, there are lots of cuts and bruises along the way but as long as you have a vision of what you want to achieve and you stay on course and remain dedicated to your own success there will be nothing that can stop you.

 Be relentless and persist without exception, focus on the results and know your dream.

 If you think it is necessary to enjoy the process, you are wrong.  It will exhaust you, frustrate you, and anger you.  The only thing that is necessary is that you continue the process with your eyes on the outcome.  You will be happy you did.

From this day forward, claim a faith in the certainty of your future.  There has been to much time doubting your beliefs and believing your doubts.  Use faith as your guide because faith has no limits where reasoning can only go so far.

 Believe in the future you cannot see.  That is called faith.  And the reward for your faith is to see the future that you believed.  Expect miracles in your life because that is what faith produces every day.

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