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Soar with the Eagles or Quack like a Duck?

titleSoar with the Eagles or Quack like a Duck?

Quack like a Duck

Interesting question isn’t it?
They are both birds so why not?

Here is this Duck. It swam up to our boat and gave us a few “quacks”, swam around us a few times. Figured that we weren’t going to toss him anything so away he went, to the next boat. I had some thoughts right then but that’s for another time.  The other boat didn’t offer anything either so he grabbed one of his friends and came back and circled us once again.

About that time I looked over head and saw this Eagle soaring over us in the sky. There were several others as well but this one was a little closer. They cruised over the water and came just a little lower. I noticed that little fish were jumping all over the place.

I sat back to watch and soon enough this Eagle puts his wings back and heads to the water, swoops down and grabs a fish right out of the water with his powerful talons. Picked up the fish and flew away. I was totally awe-struck!!

titleSoar with the Eagles or Quack like a Duck?

Soar with the Eagles

I thought to myself that I wouldn’t mind being that Eagle. I admired how sure he was and how he calculated what he needed to do to get that fish. He was patient and focused on what he wanted, then had the sharpness and strength to carry it off (the fish that is =0).

The duck was depending on a hand out.  He wasn’t offering anything in return and he was moving around from one opportunity to another.

I knew at that point that I wanted to be that Eagle so much more than I wanted to be that Duck. 

The eagle was heading home with his days work ready to feed the family and live another day.  The duck headed off to nibble on the plant material growing at the waters edge, waiting for another warm sunny day and another boat to arrive, maybe with a bag of chips or some crackers.



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  1. admin says:

    It is all us to every individual to raise the bar and learn to soar so that they are not stuck in mediocrity.

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  4. admin says:

    We all need to look at the way we go through life, I choose to soar with the eagles.

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  11. admin says:

    LOL, yes I did have fun writing this post. I took the pictures on the lake one day and with the duck begging like a dog and the eagle soaring the story came together in my head. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  12. Fidel Cius says:

    Thanks for sharing

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