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Pro-active or Reactive, which are you?

titlePro active or Reactive, which are you?You have to ask your self, “am I reacting” or “am I being proactive”?

Are you in a defensive mode or an offensive mode?

It makes a huge difference on how things are going to turn out.  Being proactive is a good place to be.  This is a place that you can see the trends or some other sign that things are going to turn out a certain way, you get positioned by being proactive and if all goes well, you make out big.

Being proactive takes a certain amount of awareness of what is really going on in the world.  Putting the pieces of the puzzle together can be tricky.

Do you think the person in the photo is being pro-active or reactive? I will give you a hint, if she were being pro-active she wouldn’t be having the reaction she is having and maybe the explosion wouldn’t have happened, what is your answer now?

find out how to be pro-active

What happens when you can’t seem to make the pieces fit?

Although it can be tricky we just need to know the right people to listen to and trust.  The people with the best track records are the ones to listen to and they aren’t necessarily saying the same thing that everyone else is saying.

If you were looking for someone who could assist you to be more proactive, who would that be?

I have selected who I listen to and they consist of a Vice Presidential nominee, a former Wall Street “head honcho” and a gentleman that puts information together in order to see upcoming trends, he understands that the decisions we make today, create the trends of tomorrow in an amazingly accurate way.

Would these be people that you would listen to and be interested in learning from?  Do you think that these people would be able to make you more Proactive than Reactive?

Would you be surprised if I said that you could get your information from these same sources as we do?

Be Pro-active and find out how to Crash-Proof your Prosperity.  Put your self in a position that you will not have to worry about the upcoming issues with bankruptcy in many of the states in the near future.

It is already starting in Wisconsin all because the government workers are being asked to pay 8% of their benefits. Although this is a huge set back for the workers there the last time I checked I pay for 100% of my benefits. We are just seeing the beginning of what is going to  be a very large problem.

Do you want to be Proactive or Reactive?

I know my answer to that.

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I am already taking care of business and you can be doing the same

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