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Who’s Watching Your Back inYour Business?

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titleWhos Watching Your Back inYour Business?

You Have to be a fighter

We all seem to be getting used to the bad economy we are experiencing, we like comparing our self to others that aren’t doing as well as we are, when in reality we aren’t much better.  Why this comparison should make anyone feel better about their own circumstances is really beyond me.

The states are all attempting to balance their budget and they are coming up with new tactics to raise funds.

Have you talked to anyone lately who has been pulled over and not ticketed? I sure haven’t, in fact the cops right now are looking for infractions to site the public on.  They pull you over for one thing and add on what ever they can before they let you go.

I recently noticed that speed limits signs had been changed near our home, they must have changed them in the middle of the night because it was that quick.  Along with the change in the speed came the radar patrol to catch the people doing the speed they have gone since there was speed limits.  No warnings, just citations.

Is this what our local governments have planned to raise funds?

It’s already bad enough that they want to eliminate physical education completely from our schools, every fee has increased at local government levels.  We used to be builders and in one year the permit for a single family home went from $14,000 to $23,000 and the government is hollering for affordable housing when it is the very government that is making housing un-affordable, not that it really matters because in the month of May new home purchases plunged 33%  to an all time low.

That’s how it goes in the big city.

I was interested to open a news paper for a small town in Central Oregon and find all sorts of ways that the city is trying to help the residents that have been hit pretty severely by the recession, They have been hit so hard that people are moving away.  The city is forgiving parking tickets (with certain criteria)  and they are actually LOWERING fees.

I realize it is small but it is a start.  Our local governments will have to realize you can’t squeeze blood from a turnup.  People are stretched to their limits right now and many are to the point of breakingWe keep hearing that the economy is improving but the hard cold facts are that it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Many people are suffering and now it seems that many of them will be receiving their last unemployment check, so what is next for them?

We asked that question several years ago and there were no easy answers.  The words that kept coming to us were re-invent yourself, or undergo transformation and that was all very sound advise but with no direction.

It doesn’t take very long for a person to realize that we have the choice to go in the direction that we want, it is selecting the direction that can be difficult. To find out about our greatest gift, Freedom of Choice click on the link.

Where do you see yourself in five years?  What do you want to be doing and how are you going to get to that point? These are the questions that will help you with your direction.

That is where the work begins.

Since our transformation we have found that in order to get what you want you need to put in the work, there is no other way, no short cuts but in the end the rewards are greater than what you set out to get. 

What that means is that we set our goals and where we wanted to be and because we were willing to work hard, step out of our comfort zone and give up a few things we were able to accomplish so much more and go beyond the goals we had set and this is possible for anyone to do.

With the right leaders to show you the way, you can achieve your goals if you are determined to never stop until you achieve them.

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How to Gain Wisdom and Success

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titleHow to Gain Wisdom and Success

Seek Wisdom

In order to have the life you want it is necessary to seek wisdom and knowledge. Without these then there is no growth can be attained.

Wisdom does not come in the form of  the evening news. Wisdom comes from the ability to watch, listen and experience and to take note of each sensory. The media outlets thrive on negative junk that is not necessarily true.

Reading and listening to books and recordings that will bring about positive change in your life and help you to understand other people that is really the only way to truely be informed of our surrounding environment.   This is the wisdom that will make your life fulfilling and worth living.

Making decisions and moving forward. You can not change the past but you can sure improve your future by making a decision to change.

Select your friends with care, you are who your friends are. Their opinions and habits are shared with you. Look around, if your friends are  making poor decisions, that will reflect on you because of your association with that person.

Choose to associate with people who you admire and respect. If you hang with a Duck you will be destined to always be looking for a hand out. If you hang with eagles you will learn to soar.

 You can only draw conclusions from your own experience if you don’t counsil with others, when you counsel with the wise you will include their experience and that could open up a whole new world to you.

If you are the smartest and most fit person in your group of peers, then you need to add some people that are “better” than you, more fit, wealthier, etc. because these are the people that will make you reach higher and want to do more in life.  That you will want to emulate and they have oppinions that matter.

Be wise and serve others, then you will realize a satisfaction that can’t be described. People who serve are popular and are wealthy beyond our monetary standards. As you serve others, their wisdom will be shared with you. The person that serves the most grows the fastest and learns the most.

Develop a servants heart and do not be distressed when you need help and you are alone, but be thankful when you can help. Give a helping hand with no expectations of ever receiving anything in return.

Have a servants heart

Seek counsel of the wise

Choose your friends carefully

Just by doing these three simple things and making a decision to change you can transform your life into a life you could only dream of.

In times of distress life just seems like it is going to be a very long ride. Seeking change and transforming the way you think will cause you to consider that maybe  times-a-wasting and life is too short. We only have so much time and wasting one minute of it is a dirty shame. Our clocks start ticking the moment we are born.


How Are You Making Life Different??

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I know it is ABSOLUTELY true that in order to have change happen you need to be the change. So I decided to do something new. At first the thought never occurred to me but then for some reason I couldn’t get this little nagging thing out of my head.

Can you imagine what would it be like to be able to get the word out about alternative methods to fitness, health, nutrition and weight loss? What if we could convince our kids that the best way to live is a healthy lifestyle?

So here I am doing something I have never done because you and I both know that video and television are at the top of the heap for getting a message out.

We have a new network coming on line soon and they are looking for people to host shows on this new network. I sat on this one for about 4 days and I couldn’t get it off my mind.

All I could think about is what could be done with such an outlet and Suddenly I was making a video and filling out an application.

What kind of changes can you make in your life to make a difference? Even if I don’t get selected (my chances are quite small but there is still a chance) it has broadened my horizons.

I have had to write about myself and that can be one of the most difficult things. I have had to made some videos and I am my worst critic. So this has been something fun to do and there is a possibility something will come out of it.

Make sure and watch the video and go to this link to Cast Your Vote


Are You Waiting For That Perfect Moment?

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titleAre You Waiting For That Perfect Moment?

Where IS the perfect Moment?

If you are waiting for the “perfect moment” then you might be waiting for a while. 

So what’s the big deal about a perfect moment?  Is there really such a thing?

 If you believe that nothing is random and that things happen in their own good time then how could there be such a thing as a perfect moment?

I say there is but it isn’t the type of “perfect Moment” that people wait for and never find.  I have had 3 perfect moments in my life, the births of my daughter and son and when I married my soul mate.

 Waiting for a perfect moment is usually a sign that someone is procrastinating.  They know what needs to be done but they need to wait until the time is perfect or right.

 If you aren’t “Sherlock Holmes” then you might not detect when the time is perfect and then that time would come and go and you would have missed out and never really even know.

 Now Timing, there is something that can really get you somewhere.

 I suppose waiting for the perfect time may determine that you might be waiting for something to happen and when it happens you might miss it.

 Whereas timing is everything, timing is when you are in the right place at the right time.  The key is not to be in the right place at the right time and be waiting for the perfect moment.

 Being in the right place at the right time is an undetermined amount of time; you don’t know how long that timing will last.  I can guarantee that in most every circumstance when it comes to timing the timing is there for more than just a moment.

 That doesn’t mean you have days and weeks to make a decision, you need to make quick decisions and move on them.  What it does mean is that you will have more than a perfect moment to recognize when timing is in your favor.

 Many times something will be put in front us and we don’t really see it at first, if we have the luck of timing then things come together to give us clues.  These are some things that will help you recognize when timing is on your side.

 Be aware

Be present

Always listen and watch

Be open to possibilities

Do not fear change

Don’t let people opinion alter your decision

Never “wait” always take action

 If you do these 7 things you will have more of chance of recognizing when the timing comes together and you won’t pass it by waiting for the perfect moment.

We have a choice to either soar with the eagles or quack with the ducks, which would you prefer?  Read about it here


Doing Business On YOUR Terms

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titleDoing Business On YOUR TermsHow many times do you let people give their opinion and it changes your mind like a detour in a road?

 Here’s the thing, we plan and we have dreams.  We do our best to go down the path that will take us to where we want to go.  It is hard enough to get to that place for some of us.

 But when we finally do figure it all out we are excited and we share our excitement with others.  This is where the issues come in.

 We, all of us as humans have opinions.  Our opinions are formed from the things in our lives that we have experienced.  We have all had different experiences: that is part of what makes us all different.

 Our Experiences have brought us to a point that we are, here with our opinion, just waiting to encroach on someone else’s dream.

 So do you do things on your own terms or do you let others opinions put up a road block on the road to your dreams?

 It is important to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve.  With this vision and your own determination you will get to your destination what ever that may be.  Your destination might not be the place on the map that you first selected but you have arrived there with tweaks to your plan.

 If you listen to others and let them influence your decision you might not ever get to that spot. 

 People want to “save” you from failure and so they share their opinions. 

 Failure is part of the growing process and if you skip steps on the way you will have to experience those failures later.   Remember when you were a kid and you got “grounded”?  If given half a choice wouldn’t you have rather been spanked and then had your freedom back the next day?  I know I would.

 The reason I mention this is because when someone “saves” you from failure it works like being grounded.  The failure (lesson) is out there, it’s like being grounded because before the lesson is learned you can’t fly.  You needent worry, the failure (lesson) is there waiting to “spank” you.

 Remember to set your goals and visit them each day, tweak them if need be.

 Create a path that you are going to follow and a system that you are going to implement.

 Be willing to fail more than one time, learn from the failure and move on.

 No person is always 100% successful, no matter how great the person.

 Dream big, nothing is out of reach if you believe.

 Stick to these principles and do things on your own terms and your life will be fulfilling, meaningful and a joy to live.

You have been given the greatest gift. 

 Read about the gift of freedom of choice here


What Others Think About You Is None Of Your Business

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What people think about you is none of your business.

You may laugh, but it’s true.

Imagine always wondering why someone treated you the way they did, maybe you did something wrong. I know you have had that feeling, releasing it can be the hardest thing.

Looking back you have to realize that in most cases it has nothing to do with you so all of that worry is really for naught.

Most times there is something that contributes to the way a person’s face says something different than what is coming out of their mouth and their body language says something entirely different from either one.

Everyone has something going on, internally or externally and that is what causes much of the miscommunication between people.

Leave it on the other persons shoulder and don’t concern your self with how they feel about you. When they share their thoughts they make it your business but not until then.

This type of concern about something you have no control over can waste energy and time that could be used else where to be constructive. In other words it reduces your income.

You see the more you learn to directly address a problem and go straight to the source, the less you will be concerned with what others think about you.

You will learn not to take things personal suddenly you won’t be worried about what others think about you.

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Have you Learned or do you Understand How to be Successful

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titleHave you Learned or do you Understand How to be Successful

Books teach, You Learn

Every year there are more and more people getting educated, going to schools of higher learning.  Getting degrees and going out into life.

 They are in school to learn and learn they do but you really need to wonder how much is really understood.

 You see there is a difference between learning and understanding.

 If there were more understanding there would be less poverty and abuse.  There would be less hatred and racism.  People would accept peoples differences if there was more understanding.

Instead we have more learning and that seems to be a bit of a problem.  People are learning these principals in schools but they really don’t have any understanding of the big picture and how their piece fits in.

 That leads to people “jockeying” for position, back biting and just basically clawing their way through life.  Living in their ego and struggling with relationships, finances and their health.  They have learned many things but maybe have not applied them the right way and that comes right back down to a lack of understanding

 When there is learning without understanding and applying then half of what you learn goes right out the window.

 When you learn and apply you start to create an understanding of why you are doing what you are doing, then you have a deeper understanding that you can never forget or misplace in a foggy brain.

 Understanding makes something intrinsic into our thinking; it becomes a principle to live by.  Understanding life, other people, and the universe will just be a part of you.

 It is important to learn new things, that’s what keeps life worth living but it is absolutely imperative that we understand what we learn or we may not apply it in the manner that it is intended.

 Seeking understanding will make your life an event that will be exciting and fulfilling.

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I think It’s about Forgiveness

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Tryin’ to get down to the heart of the matter, but my will gets weak and my thoughts they get scattered but I think it’s about…..Forgiveness……..Forgiveness…….Even if, even if, You don’t love me anymore. 

There are people in your life who’ve come and gone
They let you down and hurt your pride
Better put it all behind you; life goes on
You keep carrin’ that anger, it’ll eat you inside.

I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the Heart of the Matter
Because the flesh will get weak
And the ashes they will scatter
So I’m thinkin’ about forgiveness
Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

What’s not to love about forgiveness?

You keep carrying all that anger it will eat you up inside.
Forgiveness is for the person doing the forgiving. The anger and resentment is only doing damage to the person feeling it, loosing sleep over it and continuing to live in the sadness, resentment and anger. All of those feelings will just bring more of it to you.

Finding a way to forgive can take some figuring out. It seemed to be the one elusive thing in my life until I broke it down into smaller parts andlearned that I didn’t have to tackle everything all at once.

I struggled with it for 40 long years. But hey, the way I look at it Noah built the ark and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and then the sun came out and land was spotted. The Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years before they realized freedom so 40 years of searching for forgiveness seems to be appropriate.

Now that I have found a way to forgiveness it has stopped raining, the sun has come out and I have a solid piece of land to stand on. I am no longer enslaved by my disappointment but feel empowered.

Learning how to truly forgive will do that same thing for you. Drop the disappointment, anger, resentment and hurt for just 10 minutes at a time. Instead during that 10 minutes think of the good things about people and life, take Little baby steps, take deep breaths, put positive thoughts in your head and little by little you will feel the forgiveness come into your heart.

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Are You Sinking Or Swimming in your Home Based Business

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titleAre You Sinking Or Swimming in your Home Based BusinessFor many of us, life seems to be a constant battle.  It seems to be one thing or the other.  It seems we just get out of the deep water and then it’s right back up to our necks again with no life guard in sight.

We all need to focus on what causes the water to rise so quickly?.  What is at the root of the cycle swimming to drowning?  Why is it that we get in above our heads?

 Choices are at the heart of the matter.  Whether they are your choices or ones that someone else has made that affect you it really makes no difference because you are the one trying to tread water.

 So are you busy putting out someone else’s fire?  Maybe one of the kids got into some trouble or the parents aren’t good at handling their finances.  There is a possibility that one of your friends need some help, or maybe the poor decision came from you. 

 What ever it is that has brought you to this point, you have arrived on a wave of a choice.  The wave of choice washes over you and you feel compelled to ride it all the way to the end.

 Many times you find your self riding the same wave again and again, time after time and it feels like you have been here before, that’s because you have.  It may seem a little different, but in reality it is the same path re-visited.

 So how do we break free of the cycle?

 Determination to break the cycle 

 Recognition that you are heading down the same path

 Commitment to your self and the change you want to occur

 Be open to the endless possibilities and new choices

 Review the choices that haven’t led to the destination you desire and think of ways that you could have made different choices.  In the future remember these different choices and take a different path, things will turn out different with different decisions.

 Remember that nobody has your best interest in mind but you,  you know intrinsically what is best for your life.  Always make decisions that are in your best interest, don’t let guilt, shame, disappointment or someone else’s opinion change your decision.

 It doesn’t have to be right with anyone else but it does have to be right with you.

 You might be thinking that it sounds like you make choices with only you in mind but that is not the point.  Yes, your decisions are going to be what is right in your life but it is not meant to harm any other person in any way.  What your decisions will do is make life better for your self.  It will also set an example of how to move forward in life, make good choices and help others down the path of good decision making. 

 You will teach others to swim because in life there are no life guards.


What Makes a Champion?

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titleWhat Makes a Champion?

Jim & Inna Pollak and Shelli

Do you ever wonder what is different in the type of person that turns into an Olympic champion than the other 99.9% of the population?

 What makes that person different from the rest of us?  What drives them, what moves them, inspires them and grooves them?

 Yes, Champions have a quiet sense of strength and courage that is not found in much of the population.  An Olympic Champion stands with pride and behaves with humility.

 The story here is that Olympians are a special breed of Champion.  Their breed demands dedication, laser targeted precision focus, commitment and an absolute love for what they do.  Just to be a part of the games is a total and complete honor.

 Imagine, training around jobs, family and schooling with no big government support.  Living on a string with the focus of a champion, that is why it is so remarkable that the USA always has such a strong showing in the medal count and has suddenly surfaced as a front runner in the winter Olympic medals now.

 I have the pleasure of calling an Olympian a friend and that friend was kind enough to let me interview him on a quick ride to the airport after spending the weekend in a work shop.

 What intrigued me was his story.  I had always wondered how and when someone would realize that they wanted to be an Olympian.  After talking to Jim I suddenly realized that everyone had their own story and that story was different for each and every person.

 I have posted our brief interview below, take a peek and enjoy.

So now after watching the video I’m sure you realize that it just comes down to one simple thing.  One thing that will assure that you will achieve your goals.  Imagine just making one decision and suddenly your story has changed in a kind of way that you would have never guessed.  Just a decision and the determination to see it through.  That’s all it takes.

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