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Mind Set Matters for All Successful People

so many people ask Gordon and I how we stay positive day in and day out and all that we can say is that mind set matters.

There are many people that will try to throw you off track for one reason or another. People that are unhappy with their own situation or maybe harbor jealousy but for what ever reason they will try to take you out of your mindset.

We make a conscious decision each and every day to look at the positive side of any situation and not harbor anger. We make a decision to be happy and learn the lessons that life has to teach, gracefully.

Mind set is essential to us to live the way that we have chosen to live.

Sometimes you need to look deeper than at other times but in mostly all situations there is something positive if you look at it with the right perspective.

titleMind Set Matters for All Successful People

Happy to be Alive

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64 Responses to “Mind Set Matters for All Successful People”

  1. Joyce says:

    Hey Shelli – Re: mind set matters. I’ve often been challenged for having a positive outlook – as if because I’m not suicidal I don’t fully understand “the situation”. I just keep on keepin’ on!!

  2. admin says:

    Isn’t that interesting. People are really looking for someone else to feel as stressed out as they are. Because they are stressed out and then you don’t get stressed out, their stress can no longer be contained and comes out in ways that are very interesting to say the least. If you just expect this very predictable behavior from the people you know it will come from it really is a lot easier to take.

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  4. admin says:

    I’m glad that I was able to help. Mind set is very important, especially having a positive mind set. Being positive brings positive things into all of our lives. No sense in attracting the negative with our negative thoughts. What ever you focus on you will get more of and I know that I want some positive!

    Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate the connection.

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  19. admin says:

    It really does matter how you look at the world, I am happy to improve your view on things. We are all good people, there is goodness in everyone sometimes you just need to look a little deeper. We all need to be cautious though as well.

  20. admin says:

    It really matters what your mind set is. It can make you or break you and it is all a choice we have to shift our perspective to a more positive place.

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