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Have you Learned or do you Understand How to be Successful

titleHave you Learned or do you Understand How to be Successful

Books teach, You Learn

Every year there are more and more people getting educated, going to schools of higher learning.  Getting degrees and going out into life.

 They are in school to learn and learn they do but you really need to wonder how much is really understood.

 You see there is a difference between learning and understanding.

 If there were more understanding there would be less poverty and abuse.  There would be less hatred and racism.  People would accept peoples differences if there was more understanding.

Instead we have more learning and that seems to be a bit of a problem.  People are learning these principals in schools but they really don’t have any understanding of the big picture and how their piece fits in.

 That leads to people “jockeying” for position, back biting and just basically clawing their way through life.  Living in their ego and struggling with relationships, finances and their health.  They have learned many things but maybe have not applied them the right way and that comes right back down to a lack of understanding

 When there is learning without understanding and applying then half of what you learn goes right out the window.

 When you learn and apply you start to create an understanding of why you are doing what you are doing, then you have a deeper understanding that you can never forget or misplace in a foggy brain.

 Understanding makes something intrinsic into our thinking; it becomes a principle to live by.  Understanding life, other people, and the universe will just be a part of you.

 It is important to learn new things, that’s what keeps life worth living but it is absolutely imperative that we understand what we learn or we may not apply it in the manner that it is intended.

 Seeking understanding will make your life an event that will be exciting and fulfilling.

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  1. admin says:

    Learning can be easy but how do you apply what you learned. The more you apply what you learned the more you will understand. With understand we can all optimize what we learned. Learning without understanding can be wasted learning. Learning with understanding is where the real growth come in.

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