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Forming Healthy Addictions for Business Success

titleForming Healthy Addictions for Business SuccessHealthy addictions make it easier to go through each day and make sure that you are taking care of what is importantin your life and can help you to be successful in your business

 We are going to touch on several different areas in your life that healthy addictions could be very beneficial to you.

You may have more areas on your list and that is great, here is a short list we made.








 And here are the ways that forming healthy addictions in these areas will improve the quality of your life and make you more successful in your business.

Fitness:  This one doesn’t take a brain to figure out because everyone one knows that you just feel better when you have an elevated fitness level and that you are taking care of your body.  How do you form healthy addictions in this area?  Love what you do for exercise.  This may send you on a search but by trying a wide variety of activities you may find something that you would have never tried.  Your body will start to rely on this physical activity and eventually start to crave it.  Can you imagine what an elevated IQ could do for your business? That is what exercise can do for you.

Nutrition:  So vital to our health but so often overlooked.  Even as a fitness professional for many years I had to admit that nutrition is more important to health than Exercise.  That does not minimize the importance of exercise but we all need to realize that the nutrition is the fuel for the physical activity.  Without the proper fuel then we are not working up to our full capabilities.  The first thing to start forming the healthy addictions in this area is to drive right by the drive through window.  Shop the perimeter in the grocery store with just a few exceptions such as jarred organic spaghetti sauce because it can be used for so many different things but watch the sodium.  Good nutrition makes for clearer thinking.

Business: This is where the healthy addictions start to stack up.  Although healthy addictions related directly to your business are important, the stacking of the healthy addictions start to come into play here.  Healthy addictions in fitness will benefit you with renewed energy, vitality, clear thinking and overall well being.  Healthy addictions in nutrition will allow you to feel better and less sluggish, stay in better shape, lower cholesterol and other artery blocking conditions allowing more blood flow to your brain and heart.  Now I think you are starting to see how this will set you up for business success.

In your actual business start your healthy addictions in time management first because that will allow you to be more productive right off the bat.  Form the healthy addiction of not letting things take you off your course, don’t answer the phone or messages until it is convenient for you.

Travel:  Healthy addictions stack up on this one as well.  If you have healthy fitness addictions maintain them when you travel, modifying them if needed.  Don’t change your healthy nutritional habits when you travel because chances are you will have a stomach ailment or just generally won’t feel that well so these are very important addictions to maintain.  If you take supplements (everyone should) don’t stop just because you are traveling because that is when you need them the most.  Form healthy addictions like washing your hands often and you will stay healthier when traveling.  A sick person is not an effective person it is of utmost importance to stay well and on top of your game expecially in business.

Hobbies:  Healthy addictions like cleanliness comes into play here, we have seen our share of totally trashed “hobby” rooms.  Keep the hobby fun and clutter free, be at the top of your game in your fitness, nutrition and business healthy addictions.  Healthy business addictions are important here because you need some cash in order to have a hobby because I haven’t seen many free ones.  Hobbies are important all in them self because they promote pleasure and overall health.

Philanthropy:  Stay ahead of the game with healthy business, fitness, nutritional, and travel addictions when it comes to the philanthropic activities that you enjoy.  All of these will come into play with clearer thinking, better decision making, ability to travel with little disturbance, feeling better due to a well balanced diet with supplemental support.  Good decisions need to be made on what organizations we choose to support so this is very important to us.

 Entrepreneurial:  For the same reasons that are important for Philanthropy, healthy addictions are important to being an entrepreneur.  You have to be quick to spot an opportunity and find a way to get it done, we find it helps to be in top physical shape so we have formed our healthy fitness and nutritional addictions, they are habits, they are a part of the way we live our daily lives.

If you have any Healthy Addictions we would love to hear about them and how they benefit you in your life..

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