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titleFind Your Success HEREIf you’ve been visiting this Web site thinking that the only kind of success plan we have to offer centers around physical and mental well being – surprise! Because as far as we’re concerned, one of the most important aspects of overall health is being able to be fully responsible for your own success.

And the only real way to do that is to create your own business.

Between us, Shelli and I have planned, founded, and operated several businesses. I got started as an entrepreneur when I was 24 – I’ve only ever worked for someone else once, and  that was a nightmare!

We hear all the time from people who can’t seem to find success no matter how hard they work for their employer. But the thing is, when you work for someone else your success doesn’t belong to you – it belongs to your employer, and that employer can and will either reward you or not as it sees fit.

Meanwhile, it can be hard to plan for your financial future or to create your success in an economy that seems to be molding our whole society into believing that it’s every person for him or herself.

Now, we understand that the idea of planning and operating a successful business may be something that’s very new to you. We’ve each tackled several new challenges in our lives, and we get the uncertainty and stress that can come from standing on the edge of a new achievement.

And that’s why we’ll do everything we can to assist you assess this decision, then plan for it and make a huge success of it.

Now, as I’ve said elsewhere on our Web site, I’ve been a self-made entrepreneur from a young age. I didn’t really have mentors to teach me how to achieve success – I just made my own way as I went along. Obviously, things have worked out well for me personally as well as going very well for Shelli and I.

But doing it all yourself is very hard, and there’s really no reason to go that route when you can find and tap into the wisdom of good mentors who will help you plan for your success.

With that in mind, the first thing we want you to do is think about the things you’re passionate about. Do you have a hobby where you invest every spare minute? Are you an expert on anything from perennial plants to Siamese fighting fish? Or have you invented a business process or product but left it on the shelf because you didn’t think you had what it takes to succeed with it as a business?

It’s not time yet to create your business plan. Right now we just want you to start dreaming, and then start doing some basic research on how you might turn your dream into a successful reality. And while you’re researching your options, don’t forget that many businesses today can be done on the Internet for a fraction of what it costs to build a successful brick and mortar business.

Our experience tells us that in today’s world the most powerful success plan you can have is to start and build your own business. With your own business you own your success. For the most part you decide your schedule. And you will never again have to worry about being at the mercy of people who don’t share your vision about how life should be.

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