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Change VS Transformation

titleChange VS Transformation

Transformation to Spring

When I tell people that I am in the process of Transformation they usually ask me what the secret of transformation is?  There is no secret really because it is a process.

It seems like a good time to take on this subject so I looked it up in the dictionary but I don’t think I necessarily agree with what it says.

Transformation~ Change the form or condition of- (this is the short version)

The reason I don’t quite agree is that I see a huge difference between change and transformation, the dictionary makes them one in the same.

This is the way I look at it, let’s see if you agree.  When you change something you can always change back.  People can change and eventually drift back to the person they changed from.  You can change clothes but you can always change back.

Transformation to me means a complete change.  When you get transformed you can never go back to what you were before.  Take for instance a cake mix; you open the box, pour the contents into a bowl, add eggs and milk, you mix it all up and you pop it into the oven.  When it comes out it is ready to eat and also it has transformed from a cake mix into a cake.  You can’t change that cake back into cake mix and voila, Transformation.

A person changes in much the same way, only a human is multi-layered.  Many of us change from year to year, maybe we move or change jobs.  The people that are evolving and realizing that they can be all that they ever dreamed are the ones experiencing Transformation.

It is my thinking that Transformation is a kin to Metamorphosis.  A Metamorphosis is a biological process of changing (usually in form after one is born).  The interesting thing about Metamorphosis is that along with the process of changing physically (and mentally) there is a change in behavior and habits.

BINGO!! A change in behavior and habits.  This is necessary to evolve and Transform.  If you keep old habits and behaviors you will never experience full and complete Transformation.  You don’t have to change everything at once, you just need to change something every day.

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