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titleAboutHello, we are Gordon and Shelli Thompson


We are happy to meet you, we would like to know more about you so let us tell you a little about us.

We were pretty busy building our own little  “building Empire” here in Oregon when the economy was really rocking and rolling.  There was a lot of work leading up to that time in preparation for us to build a 10 million dollar building company.  Not everything was wildly successful and we took a few lessons away from our failures that enabled us to mold our business into what it turned out to be.

When a person is in business for them self for over 30 years, they become

psychologically un-employable

The self-sufficiency that we experienced over the years was really manifested with Gordon’s unbelievable creativity.  He has a way of negotiating and “maneuvering” that in the end always seems to be beneficial for everyone.  Things change and the Economy is still trying to recover.

One of the biggest lessons learned.

We see this time as a huge opportunity to play the Real Estate “game” in a really big way.  As you can imagine with a span of 30 years in the Real Estate and Building/Developing industries we have seen “slow” times before.  They lasted a couple of years and things improved and people like us made UNBELIEVABLE amounts of money because we were in the right place at the right time.

We know what it’s like to earn 1.2 million dollars in ONE month and we understand that many people won’t see that much in their entire life.  When we think of what we have been able to do in order to help people, we realize that is what we love to do.   Yes we’ve seen it before but this time it’s much bigger. The time IS now.

 Fortunately we were rather “dynamic” in the way of our interests. I am a fitness professional with over 27 years of teaching and learning under my belt.  With my contacts and knowledge I was able to start teaching fitness Internationally.  Italy, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Houston and many other locations.  In addition Shelli is also a Holistic Wellness Counselor on her way to being a practitioner so she was able to start speaking and teaching people how to be well physically, mentally and spiritually.

Together we educate people on how to set up a successful business, what steps to take and how to advertise.  We train people on a powerful way of thinking about the universe and explain how

everything is Inter-connected and in-seperable

and how all of us can use our own energy to attract the things we desire into our lives.

Understanding and acceptance are very hard for most people to practice, many people need help in these areas and we have solutions.

Naturally Relationships can be puzzling sometimes, all of us have felt that at one time or another.  Yet these very relationships that puzzle us so, are the very things that can really make life worth living.  Strong bonds with friends and loving family relationships are vital to our health and well-being, so often they are over looked for physical health or beauty. We will show you some obvious and easy ways to strengthen the bonds you desire to strengthen.

When we focus on beauty, we play into the hands of the media. When we really should be turning inside our own self to see what makes us tick so we can accept and understand that.  When we are able to do that we can easily begin to understand and accept others.

Understanding and accepting others easily is what will make our lives the most peaceful.  When we have Peace we can fulfill our purpose for being here.

Keeping your physical body strong is a vital piece of the puzzle and it is one that we all need to take more care with.  Not only is exercise important, Nutrition is even more important.  You can’t eat junk all day and expect to operate at your optimum.  Well, you may expect it however you are going to be sadly disappointed when your body fails you because you haven’t given it the necessary nutrients in order to function properly.

Lastly but certainly not the least important is your state of mind, what are you saying to yourself?  Important questions to ask because remember when I said that we “train” people to attract what they desire into their lives?   With negative thoughts you will attract negative to you because the universe has no way of knowing if the reason for your attention is due to desire or revulsion.  So when you think about something with enough emotion you will attract it to you…..That is the first lesson, then we figure out what needs to be done from there.

We have so many success stories and we know that the next one we have is going to be you.  Because You Can.

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